Things Society Needs To Change

Things Society Needs To Change

Who forms the society? It’s us, you and me, and countless other individuals who together form the society we all live in. And when it comes to changing the society, it isn’t possible to change the entire society just like that – the society changes when the individuals take it in their hands to change. But what exactly are the burning issues which we have to consider? Let’s have a look at the urgently required changes in the society, the responsibility of which has to be shouldered by us all:

Body shaming:
The shape, size of any person, is not any other person’s concern. We need to learn to accept each other irrespective of judging. We need to learn to erase from our minds criteria we set for us to love people – let the criteria be purely value-based, personality-based and not physically based. It’s not going to help anyone, being all judgemental on the way someone looks. It not only upsets the victim but also makes you a spiteful person. So stop, right away.

Diversity in culture:

Every culture has something unique – when it comes to traditions, culture, dressing sense or cuisine. And instead of being excited about the variety we have to experiment and explore, all we do is find out flaws and defects to put each other down. How about changing this mindset? Won’t it be fun if you attempt to learn and imbibe what you love from different cultures? It will help you to understand and accept these cultures in a better manner.


Why should equality be restricted only to males and females? Shouldn’t the transgenders be included too? We need to go beyond feminism and understand that we’re all humans, after all, we have the same needs, the same requirement of love and affection from others. The moment we realize and accept that we’re all humans, life will be a lot easier and sorted. And this change is the need of the hour – the earlier it happens, the better it will be for us all.

We all live these super-fast paced lives, with each one entangled in a rat race. So much so that we don’t have time for ourselves, forget helping or even looking at someone else in need. We need to know that we have to apply the brakes and learn to live in the moment too. Most of us are either bogged down by the past or worried about the future and what we don’t realize is that we’re losing out on the present. Take that digital detox, wander away in the arms of nature and bring yourself to the terms with your own self, Watch how remarkably your life will change!

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